I have been having Maternity Reflexology with Valerie for most of my pregnancy and certainly feel they have been of benefit. I had a lot of swelling and stress during my pregnancy and Reflexology helped with these a lot. I didn’t suffer with many other symptoms. I went into labour naturally two weeks early and laboured fairly quickly for my first baby with good strong contractions which I  felt was due to having regular treatments right up until the week before I gave birth. Valerie is very knowledgeable and professional and always provides exceptional treatments. I would definitely have sessions again throughout any further pregnancies as the benefits are endless and worthwhile. Thank you Valerie not only for your fantastic treatments but also for your kindness, care and advice, it is much appreciated. L

“I had a pamper day with Valerie as a 60th birthday present and it has been wonderful! Hot and Cold Stone Massage and facial – so relaxing. A fabulous three course lunch, and then meditation and Reiki. I feel so relaxed, it was wonderful. Thank you so much.” – C

“I had a wonderful day yesterday and have felt revitalised and calm and have a wonderful feeling of happiness and well-being today. I am really looking forward to reading through all the information and processing it to enable me to pass it on to someone else. Thank you, it has been a wonderful experience to complete my Reiki 1,2 and 3 with you. You are an amazing Reiki/Master teacher. The journey has only just begun!” – S

“In March 2009 my partner died. To help me through the grief that I was suffering a close friend bought me a session of Reiki as a gift. She had heard that Reiki was a really good alternative treatment for helping people to cope with bereavement. I went along to the session feeling quite sceptical about the powers of Reiki as I didn’t understand how it could work. I was taken by surprise at how much the first session of Reiki helped me. I can only describe my feelings after this first session of Reiki as feeling as though a protective bubble had been placed around me. It gave me a break from the intense feeling of loss and sadness and I could get on with my everyday life much better. Ater that first experience I kept having Reiki about every month and I feel that Reiki has got me through the terrible tragic loss of my partner. My Reiki sessions have been an emotional journey that have enabled me to confront deep feelings in a safe environment. Over time new challenges have arisen and Reiki has helped me to face these with a positive outlook.” – A

“Val has been a real help to me. I went to her after being diagnosed with depression. Reiki has benefitted me through providing relaxation and healing and I feel that it has helped me become much calmer, more balanced and grounded, and after a relatively short time I began to feel much better. I still have treatments regularly and I am keen to study reiki for myself.” – JC

“It was an absolute delight to complete my Reiki Training with Valerie. She is so calm and immediately put me at ease and helped me to get the most from my training. She provided continuining support and advice to me throughout and I feel I have a better understanding of Reiki overall, thanks to her guidance. The setting was tranquil and could not have provided a more perfect backdrop for learning the spiritual art of Reiki.” – GS

“I have been having regular Reflexology sessions with Valerie throughout the mid and later stages of my pregnancy. I have found the treatment highly beneficial in combating my pregnancy complaints (back ache, swollen feet and ankles, digestive problems and tiredness). I have also found Reflexology during my pregnancy to be a hugely relaxing and restorative experience, after sessions I feel re-energised, positive and calm. I would highly recommend Reflexology with Valerie as an ideal treatment for mothers to be. It has given me a wonderful sense of calm and inner peace in my very hectic life.” – CO

“I have been having regular massage with Valerie and have found it to be an ideal way to be able to relax and reduce my stress levels, it also helps to soothe away my neck and shoulder pain as my job involves sitting at a computer for long periods of time.” – HW

I had an ear candling with Valerie as I was suffering with sinusitis. After just one treatment I noticed a big difference, my sinuses were no longer blocked and I didn’t feel as ‘nasally’, and in general I felt more balanced. I was also suffering with blocked wax in my ears before my treatment, and afterwards my ears felt so much clearer. What I particularly liked was that the ear candles were hand made in Lincolnshire. Thank you.” – SO