Benefits of Maternity Reflexology

 Maternity Reflexology is a natural therapy which compliments the natural events of pregnancy and childbirth.  It may help to improve well-being and assist in reducing stress and anxiety through pregnancy, helping you to maintain balance and harmony during the changes which are taking place within your body.  Reflexology responds well to minor ailments and it can also help to give your body the best possible preparation for your baby’s birth.  Generally mum’s to be find this a nurturing, soothing and relaxing treatment.

Pregnancy Related Health Conditions

Perhaps you are experiencing one of the common discomforts of pregnancy, such as morning sickness or backache, or are just feeling tired and lethargic.  Reflexology may help to ease many of these complaints including:-

Nausea and morning sickness, Back and Hip Pain, Heartburn, Fatigue, Constipation, Anxiety, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (pelvic girdle pain).

Putting aside time for regular reflexology treatments during your pregnancy gives you the chance to invest in the new life growing in you – and may even result in an easier labour!

Maternity Reflexology can also be used for *fertility issues, as it allows the hormones to be balanced and stress levels to be reduced.  The stresses and strains of modern life can have a significant impact on health and also with fertility issues, along with healthy lifestyle choices reflexology session could improve your chances and the calming and soothing effects will help relieve stress and tension and could a crucial first step in ‘letting go’.

*The Association of Reflexologists gathers feedback from their members and it indicates that over 50% of clients seeking reflexology in connection with conception find themselves pregnant within six months.


In a study undertaken by Dr. Gowri Motha, a Reflexologist who worked as a Registrar in an NHS ante-natal clinic – was the effect shown on labour for women who had had regular reflexology sessions over ten weeks or so prior to birth, the results, in her own words were outstanding.  “Generally speaking labour times were very much shorter, for a first baby the textbooks say a women is in labour for an average of 16-24 hours, I was really pleased to hear that the women who had received regular reflexology treatments just popped their babies out in 3 or 4 hours”.  The women’s ages ranged from 20-40 years with labour times ranging from 2-6 hours.

Sub fertile?

Reflexology is increasingly being used to help sub-fertile couples conceive and studies are taking place which show just how effective it can be.  This is more of an issue these days as  women are deciding to postpone having a family until the mid-thirties or even later, when fertility levels have decreased significantly.


There is also a study being undertaken with couples having IVF treatment.  This study is showing that reflexology is improving the chances a baby so conceived is carried to term.  It is of course an excellent therapy to help to balance the hormones involved to help to cope with the emotional ups and downs of the process.

Post-Natal Reflexology

Post-Natal Reflexology is a natural therapy that will help you to recover from the extraordinary changes that your body has been through over the last nine months.  Treatments will give you a much needed opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries.