Facials in Louth, Horncastle & Mablethorpe

Here is a list of all the facials available. All products used for these facials are natural and gentle, created from natural plant extracts and oils. No synthetic ingredients, non-natural preservatives, artificial fragrances or colourants are used in any of the products and are not tested on animals.

Mini Facial


This is an express facial with all the benefits of an eye, lip cleanse, deep facial cleanse, exfoliation, mini massage, tone and moisturise.

30 mins £20.00

Holistic Facial


This facial is a true indulgence for the skin and body! A deep, therapeutic, cleansing facial,using a creamy cleansing milk which maintains a healthy balance without reducing its protective function. Specialised massage movements are used to help stimulate and oxygenate your skin, helping to firm, lift and tone the facial muscles, helping to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, whilst bringing the body and mind into balance.

Treatment includes:

  • Deep facial cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Tone – this refining toner uses plant substances,with extract of wild rose petals and a subtle fresh fragrance of natural essential oils to revive the skin
  • Mask- this intensive treatment using an Hydrating Iris masque boosts the ability of the skin to regulate its moisture balance.
  • Face, neck and scalp energetic massage

One hour treatment £35.00

Deluxe Holistic Facial

A treatment combining a rejuvenating facial and deep cleansing and massage of the back using a range of natural and organic products:

  • Deep facial cleansing exfoliation, cleansing, tone and massage
  • Exfoliation, tone and massage
  • Healing, purifying mask, massage of arms and shoulders
  • Face, neck, arms and shoulder energetic massage, plus scalp massage

70 mins £38.00