Amnanda Treatment Programme in Louth, Horncastle & Mablethorpe

Holistic Therapies is now offering the Amnanda Treatment Programme. Please find details of this amazing therapy and if you have any queries or would like to book on the course please contact Valerie on 01507 07950465729 or email

About Amnanda

Whether we reach old age in good health does not only depend on good genes, but also on the way we live and treat our bodies.  The Amnanda treatment program is a very pleasant way to create some of the conditions for a longer life in good physical and mental health.

Amnanda has the ability to dissolve and remove old crystaline structures from connective tissue at the cellular level. These crystaline structures are the accumulated results from both physical and emotional trauma experiences.  Memories of previous injuries and negative life experiences which have embedded themselves in body and soul and become disabling, causing us to look and feel older.  Once dissolved, Amnanda gives the body the power to regenerate, making you look and feel younger as it brings more harmony, energy and joy into your life.

The Amnanda Programme

Comprises of twelve full body oil treatments using special herb oils prepared with mantras.

Throughout the one year program period you will drink two kinds of specially formulated teas, plus two months of skin tincture is also taken during the year which strengthens connective tissues.

Amnanda Treatments

The Amnanda treatment programme runs for 12 monthly sessions.

1 x Amnanda Treatment Session £55.00

Extras available

Teas Green Tea £3.50-£5.95

Women/Men Vital £5.95

Tincture £6.95